Role-Based Access Control

This part of the Best Practices Guide discusses the creation and formatting of RBAC resources in chart manifests.

RBAC resources are:

  • ServiceAccount (namespaced)
  • Role (namespaced)
  • ClusterRole
  • RoleBinding (namespaced)
  • ClusterRoleBinding

YAML Configuration

RBAC and ServiceAccount configuration should happen under separate keys. They are separate things. Splitting these two concepts out in the YAML disambiguates them and makes this clearer.

  # Specifies whether RBAC resources should be created
  create: true

  # Specifies whether a ServiceAccount should be created
  create: true
  # The name of the ServiceAccount to use.
  # If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template

This structure can be extended for more complex charts that require multiple ServiceAccounts.

    create: true
    create: true

RBAC Resources Should be Created by Default

rbac.create should be a boolean value controlling whether RBAC resources are created. The default should be true. Users who wish to manage RBAC access controls themselves can set this value to false (in which case see below).

Using RBAC Resources should be set to the name of the ServiceAccount to be used by access-controlled resources created by the chart. If serviceAccount.create is true, then a ServiceAccount with this name should be created. If the name is not set, then a name is generated using the fullname template, If serviceAccount.create is false, then it should not be created, but it should still be associated with the same resources so that manually-created RBAC resources created later that reference it will function correctly. If serviceAccount.create is false and the name is not specified, then the default ServiceAccount is used.

The following helper template should be used for the ServiceAccount.

Create the name of the service account to use
{{- define "mychart.serviceAccountName" -}}
{{- if .Values.serviceAccount.create -}}
    {{ default (include "mychart.fullname" .) }}
{{- else -}}
    {{ default "default" }}
{{- end -}}
{{- end -}}